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A line developed specifically for those working directly with challenging dogs

Protezioni per educatori cinofili - SKINTECH




Protezioni per educatori cinofili - SKINTECH

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With the SKINTECH products you can work with more confidence and a greater sense of safety


With SKINTECH you have a high level of protection

Our items are reliable because tested on the field and on a long-term basis by professionals working in this sector. They have been designed by paying attention to each single detail in order to meet the needs of those working directly with dogs.


With SKINTECH you have a great freedom of movement

The SKINTECH products guarantee the ability to perform all natural body movements even of your hands. The joints are free in their movements even if protected. Fluid gestures are preserved while working safely.

Made in Italy

With SKINTECH you are guaranteed the highest production quality

With SKINTECH you have the guarantee of having a product that is produced in Italy. All SKINTECH items have patents in Europe. Our clothes are the perfect combination of aesthetics and practicality and suitable for all aspects of your job.


What we do

We produce protective clothing items and accessories for all people working directly with dogs. Our aim is to provide the right tools in order to prevent accidents while dealing with our dogs, our friends.


Our target market

Our clothing and accessories are dedicated to all the people working directly with dogs. From those working as kennel operators to professionals in this field such as dog trainers and vets. They are also very useful for dog owners. The SKINTECH products have a versatility that makes them suitable for all needs. They can be used in our daily work, such as in more particular and specific situations.


Technical specifications

We have created an item that is unique on the market. By combining a perforation, abrasion resistant and a waterproof fabric with an interior leather protection, we have achieved some ideal products for working safely in the dog sector.
The leather plates are provided with a particular vegetable tanning, with this chemical-free treatment, the leathers become flexible even if they are very thick.
Our clothing items protect people facing attacks without damaging the dog’s teeth when he bites.
These products are finished in every detail, they are easy to be worn and cleaned.
All our products are patented.



" Since I have been working for more than twenty years in the recovery of wolf hybrids and dogs with severe behavioural disorders, I needed to wear frequently and for many hours a coverall that could be very light and soft in order to allow me natural movements, but at the same time sufficiently resistant in order to limit damage caused by perforation and pressure that are typical of very big dogs. All the professional products on the market were too bulky and rigid, a real torture for the body and very impressive for dogs. With the SKINTECH coverall I finally solved the issue. The patented anti-perforation material that protects the whole body and the hard leather reinforcements in the points with a greater risk of bite, are truly an excellent compromise between safety and comfort. Indeed, the coverall allows me to work daily without much effort and with very natural movements, by guaranteeing me a decisively satisfactory degree of physical protection. A well-studied and useful product at last, I strongly recommend it. "
Andrea Cristofori
" As a dog trainer, well used to working closely with dangerous dogs in particular, I can state that I have tested the SKINTECH coverall and gloves on the field. These are excellent products. The tear-proof fabric is truly worthy and meets the safety requirements. Despite the thickness, the movements are still smooth, the interior reinforcements on several occasions have proven to be useful and have avoided the risk of causing skin lesions. The reinforced seams and the material used for both the jacket and the trousers keep you away from rain and adverse weather conditions; it is a product that in any case can be used even in the summer. In relation to the gloves, they are made with the same material as the coverall, very resistant and at the same time enough soft, so as to allow an easy opening and closing of the hand and an excellent grip. Finally, the interior sheath protects the hand from possible injuries. "
Mirko Zuccari
" I own a Czechoslovakian Wolf dog. It is a biting dog, a kind of dog that is difficult to manage, so I have been recommended to buy a pair of SKINTECH sleeves and gloves by some dog trainers who are specialized in managing this dog breed and work in the school camp that I attend. I was happy with the results, finally I have no more trouble when I have to fight my lovely puppy who doesn't want to execute the commands that I give her "
Giorgia Faggiani


Protezioni per educatori cinofili - SKINTECH

Come out from the pack with SKINTECH!

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